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Clumsiness as a Diagnosis

Clumsiness as a DiagnosisThough parents may be worried, the need for a diagnosis depends on whether the child is actually struggling.

Coloring Your Way Through Grief

Coloring Your Way Through GriefAfter several people close to her died, a grief counselor developed an adult coloring book meant to help people with all kinds of losses.

Ask Well: The Downside of SmoothiesDo I absorb more sugar and calories when I drink fruits and vegetables in a smoothie as opposed to just eating them whole?

Donating an Organ to My Son

Donating an Organ to My SonAs a physician and as a mom, I was used to solving problems. Now I just needed to say a prayer and be available for parts donation.

The Weekly Health Quiz: Intense Exercise, Diet Soda and Things We Worry AboutTest your knowledge of this week’s health news.

Pesticide Exposure May Increase Risk of A.L.S.Exposure to pesticides may increase the risk for Lou Gehrig’s disease, a new study has found.

Giving New Doctors the Tools They NeedThey say if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I wonder, then, why my toolbox often seems so inadequate for fixing my patients.

Learning to Walk in My 60s

Learning to Walk in My 60sIn 1951, at the height of the polio epidemic, I knew about my limp before I knew much else about myself.

Out With the Old

Out With the OldIt may be better to give up your bad habits all at once, rather than one at time.

The New Performance Enhancer in High School Sports? NutritionMore schools are starting to see nutrition as a critical component of athletic training.

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